Enjoy your morning coffee while reading a newspaper.

With the Headline Coffee, a new subscription box from the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, you can get your coffee straight to your door! Every month you have the opportunity to explore new coffee flavours from different parts of the world. Isnt’ it fantastic! Subscription business trend has been growing rapidly over the last few […]

Coop opened the Secret Coffee Shop to amaze coffee lovers.

An intersting project has been held this fall by Coop Norway to increase awareness among Norwegians and to let them taste its coffee. In September in Grünerløkka, Oslo’s trendy district where you can find a coffee shop on every corner, popped up a new coffee shop called ‘The Secret Coffee shop.’ This coffee shop has […]

Time to coffee.

If you live in hustle and bustle of a big city and always rush through life, all you need is a cup of coffee at the right time to avoid being exhausted and boost your energy. Coffee makes you feel great. All things considered, the coffeehouse chain Dunkin’ Donuts has run its “Time to coffee” […]

Top 5 Christmas Ads 2018: from Apple to Lavazza!

Huge fan of Christmas ads? With Holidays on the horizon, brands are invading your screens with their emotional and heartwarming festive ads 2018 that you won’t miss out. Check out 5 of my favorites Christmas Ads 2018 below and tell me which is the most gripping? 😉 ❄⛄ I don’t want a lot for Christmas There’s […]

How well do you know those who live next door?

I think most of you know very little about your neighbours. Sometimes we rarely say ‘Hello’ and don’t even know their names. People prefer to gaze at their smartphones rather than talk to each other. Everyone is concerned about their own life. And thus, the idea of ‘The Nextdoor Hello’ was born! It all starts […]

Do you still want to buy this two euro T-shirt?

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization, has conducted a social experiment in Berlin to show people the true cost of cheap fashion clothes. When it comes to fashion, we’re eager to look stylish but not everyone can afford to spend much money on clothes. We always hunt for a great bargain in the sales. Could you […]

Billboard that makes you yawn.

Café Pelé, a popular Brazilian coffee brand, has created a contagious billboard to promote its coffee in an unconventional way. The agencies Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil come up with a brillian idea. They have launched interactive billboards that made passers-by yawning. You can interact with them at Fradique Coutinho station in the subway in Brazil. It is […]