Renault wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day with ‘The Postman,’ its first animated spot

Oh yeah! Love is in the air, can you feel it? In honor of Valentine’s Day, Renault has launched its first animated movie to add a touch of romance to your lovey-dovey celebration this February 14th. So let’s watch it! If there were no words No way to speak I would still hear you If […]

Lexus introduces the ‘Lane Valet’ in its new TV Commercial.

Browsing the web I came across an unusual TV commercial done by the ad agency Team One United States for the 2018 Lexus LC that highlights the ‘Lane Valet,’ Lexus new innovation that every driver will appreciate. But all is not as it seems. Continue reading to find out more! Thinking outside the box has always been […]

Experience amazement with a new Lexus ’Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad!

The Lexus ‘Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad will definitely inspire you to test-drive this luxury sports coupe! You might expect the ad which only dazzles you with the stylish and eye-catching latest Lexus model. Instead, the brand decided to do something unusual – by inviting Lil’ Buck, a professional dancer, to perform in its […]

BMW launched ‘The Moving Billboard’ to get your car ready for winter!

With winter on its way, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for winter driving. To raise awareness about the benefits of winter tyres, BMW and AIR Brussels created ‘The Moving Billboard.’ Winter weather can be unpredictable and make driving treacherous and stressful. Ice, snow, freezing rain and fog increase the risks on roads. This […]

Audi has made a ski commercial without snow.

In the Audi’s France latest spot, French professional freeskier Candide Thovex skis down the snowless hill. How? Watch the ad below. When it comes to car advertising, we often see the vehicle itself in the ad which demonstrates its benefits. It will never cross your mind that there can be something else in the ad. […]

Let’s drive football!

When it comes to innovation in the automotive industry Nissan has always had a leading position. How about its latest technological achievement that enables to control a football game with a car? As Nissan is the official automotive sponsor of the UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League, the idea to launch a project that […]

Ferrari – a brand experience.

If you are fond of racing cars and you are in Italy I recommend that you should visit the legendary Ferrari at “Ferrari – Genius and Secrets” exhibition in Maranello. I went there this summer and it was a memorable brand experience. Over the years Ferrari has been a true legend, a myth in the […]

Audi has made a next generation brochure: Audi TT brochure hack.

The German automotive giant created an interactive Audi TT brochure hack that inspires you with the futuristic feature. Audi is well-known for its attractive design, high-quality materials and impeccable build quality. And is also known for progressive engineering that focuses on innovative and intelligent technology that anticipates drivers’ needs. The Audi’s latest innovation is the […]

Benedict Cumberbatch turns up as Sherlock to solve a mystery…in the Car Ad

Bewitched music, a mysterious voice, a new SUV …all these you can find in the new MG Motors commercial in China … the game is on! While we are looking forward to a new episode of Sherlock that will return in December we can enjoy seeing him on the commercial. The MG GS SUV made […]

An awful monster for supercars.

Mercedes-Benz has launched the newest commercial to promote Mercedes-AMG GT, a new sport car, and the best adjective to describe this car is “fearful”. Mercedes- Benz released a promo commercial where a young boy sleeping in bed is brought to the forefront, dreaming about as if he is on a racing track driving his favourite […]